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Scream Park (December Pre-Order)

Scream Park (December Pre-Order)

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This is a pre-order for a product that is not in stock. It will be shipped when it is available by the end of December 2024. Contact us directly for shipping address changes. Note that pre-orders charge extra shipping when mixed with stocked orders.

1-5 Players | Ages 13+ | 30 Minutes

CURIOUS: Build up your haunted house for opening weekend, fitting together your space scene by scene, costume by costume.

TACTICAL: Fulfill thematic needs and use your staff well to keep your creation cohesive and scary.

TRICKY: Adjust your plans to impress VIP guests like birthday parties, news crews, and the fire marshal.

COZY: Even a spooky game can be calm and inviting, with very little aggressive interaction.

STRANGE: High-quality tongue-in-cheek horror illustration is paired with wood pieces and a high-quality canvas playmat.


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