• Why is the shipping weirdly high when I pre-order and also order an in-stock product at the same time?

    Our system currently calculates pre-orders as coming from a 'stock' that is separate from our actual fulfillment center, so your shipping will be calculated at more than the usual amount so that each part of the order can be shipped separately. If you want to save on shipping, you will have to wait for the product to be in stock to order it all together.

  • My package arrived damaged/waterlogged/has gone missing.

    Refer to your shipping email to identify the carrier that delivered the package to you and start with them. Our fulfillment uses major mail carriers, and once the package is on its way, it is in their hands. Sometimes a package may seem to have too little protective padding, etc. for the delivery. While this may not result in immediate action, we would like to know so we can discuss it with our fulfillment partner to address if the issue is with them, or if the packaging is in line with the guarantees of the delivery service of choice.

    If your process fails to refund or replace your order, you can still reach out to us. We may be able to do something about it, but that isn't guaranteed. The error rate on international shipments, unfortunately, is high enough to not guarantee replacements.

  • I have to change the address on a pre-order.

    Reach out to us using the contact form below so we can update the address as long as the product has not shipped.

  • I am missing components in my order.

    Let us know! We receive a certain number of extra components to send out if our manufacturer assembled your game incorrectly.

  • I am interested in bulk discounts, donations, retailer prices, translation, and other connections.

    The form below forwards to the entire team, so with certainty the right person will get back to you as soon as possible.

  • How can I submit a board game?

    Interact with us on social media and try to meet us at a convention or through our Discord. We want to get to know our designers first and foremost. Beyond that, we do have a 2024 style guide for our current publishing needs: Click here.

  • I am an artist, graphic designer, writer, designer, etc. and I want to be in touch, and maybe show you my portfolio.

    Please do! Use the form below to reach out, and we will ask for additional information, such as portfolios, to build our network of professionals.

  • I am a reviewer, journalist, or content creator interested in working with you to review or share your games.

    Great! Please fill out this form to be added to our press list and we will get back to you when we have products and news to share!

  • How do I get involved with DVC Games, Team Jasper, and playtesting?

    We have social media and are active on BoardGameGeek, but the best way to chat with us is on Discord. We talk about and stream all sorts of tabletop and video games, show what we are working on, and solicit feedback on in-progress work. Come say hello.


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