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Signal is our take on extraterrestrial contact. It eschews a lot of standard game rules and instead focuses on the experiment of understanding a strange creature. You provide 'inputs', called signals, that are made of an arrangement of abstract shape tokens. One player, the Alien, uses a set of secret rules to turn the input into an output, returning it to you. It is up to you to deduce, with limited chances, what the rules are, and to get the output you seek.

This is a cooperative game about trying things out and seeing what happens, and the feeling that comes with truly cracking an alien code through deduction and wit.

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2+ Players | Ages 10+ | 15 Minutes

INNOVATIVE: Unique puzzle and logic deduction game for 2 or more players.

THINKY: Deduce the secret rules of a mysterious being through experiment and wit.

COOPERATIVE: Play as a team to try and discover the answers across three levels of challenge.

REFINED: A complete set of pieces to work through 25 pre-set three-part puzzles, with more available online.

QUALITY: Wooden pieces, a cloth mat, and curious, otherworldly art in a lovely magnetic box.

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