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TYPESET is a love letter to the creativity and fluidity of words, as well as printmaking and typesetting tradition. Simply put: Place letters in order from left to right, using vowels as needed, to try to make the words as long as you can. Use wild letters and errors to manipulate your luck, and eventually declare you are finished... or push-your-luck with more letters.

See how short words transform into longer ones, and how risk builds and wanes as you solve the puzzle.

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1+ Players | Ages 13+ | 15 Minutes

CLEVER: Tricky and surprising puzzle game for word nerds.

INVENTIVE: Be strategic while building up words letter-by-letter, managing many possibilities.

RISKY: Work towards easier, shorter words, or chance and combo your way to a bigger score.

REPLAYABLE: Swap between game-modes, and combine with a diverse set of random special abilities.

SLEEK: Wooden tiles, dry-erase components, and a canvas sorting mat deliver a beautiful, refined experience.

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