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TYPESET (September Pre-Order)

TYPESET (September Pre-Order)

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Use your creativity and wit to form words with limited luck and limited resources.

This is a pre-order for a product that is not in stock. It will be shipped when it is available by the end of September 2024. Contact us directly for shipping address changes. Note that pre-orders charge extra shipping when mixed with stocked orders.

1+ Players | Ages 13+ | 15 Minutes

CLEVER: Tricky and surprising puzzle game for word nerds.

INVENTIVE: Be strategic while building up words letter-by-letter, managing many possibilities.

RISKY: Work towards easier, shorter words, or chance and combo your way to a bigger score.

REPLAYABLE: Swap between game-modes, and combine with a diverse set of random special abilities.

SLEEK: Wooden tiles, dry-erase components, and a canvas sorting mat deliver a beautiful, refined experience.

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